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Grizzly bear viewing holiday on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada

August 5, 2020, For an update on Covid-19 and our 2020 season please click here

2021 reservations now open. Early booking of the peak late August to mid October season is recommended.

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Welcome to Knight Inlet Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy one of the premier grizzly bear viewing holiday spots in the world, set amidst the dramatic snow-capped peaks of Canada's rugged coastline.

Knight Inlet Lodge. Located 80 kilometres, or 50 air miles, north of Campbell River, British Columbia, is a wild and remote area of the Pacific Northwest known as Knight Inlet. Tucked into Glendale Cove 60 kilometres from the mouth of the inlet is our floating wilderness resort called Knight Inlet Lodge.

Glendale Cove is home to one of the largest concentrations of grizzly (brown) bears in British Columbia. It is not uncommon for there to be up to 40 bears within 10 kilometres of the lodge in the peak fall season, when the salmon are returning to the river.

Knight Inlet Lodge is the place to visit for a grizzly bear viewing holiday.